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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

I would say that the best thing to do is to leave quietly. Not necessarily without anyone noticing, but quietly. We did and got only one call. Rest of the family (dad, mom, brother and sister) never discussed it with us (until many years later).

What was happening, though, was that we were beginning to be sporadic in the meetings anyway, so when it became 4 in a row rather than only one or two, it went somewhat undetected. We had no knowledge of the things that would have driven me out more rapidly. But after these 8+ years on these forums, I think I would still have been best off to leave quietly.

Then if some really want to know and are willing to have that discussion, tell them that there are specific things that you have discovered that cannot be written-off as gossip, or whitewashed as "something in the past." Give no more details. Just find out if they are willing to talk further or just let it go.

If they want to go forward with a discussion, don't unload everything you've ever heard in a non-stop soliloquy. Guaranteed to drive them off or get their guard up.

While we sort of did a little of that about 19 years after leaving, I said nothing more for a couple of years, then began to throw out some of the things I had been reading in scripture that I just could not get to align with Lee's teachings. The whole "last Adam became" bit. Note that the passage in 1 Cor 3 about wood, hay, and stubble was not talking about the Corinthian believers, but the teachers (Paul, Peter, Apollos, etc.) that they were fighting over. Or something else like that. Or mention that John Ingalls was seriously slandered in a publication of the LSM that Lee claims to have checked out thoroughly before he wrote it. And that Philip Lee was caught on multiple occasions in various compromising situations with married sisters in his office, yet his father continued to keep him in charge of the LSM and even in a position to direct how local churches operated at least to some extent. (And that the reason John I is gone was that he attempted to excommunicate Philip Lee over it.)

Pick one or two. Not everything. Not all at once. Don't get heated about it.

Don't throw the book at them.

But suggest that they try to actually read the verses that are being taught and see if they really say what Lee says they do.

And be honest that you feel that you are following the Lord in the matter and that this is more important than arguing about the problems that may or may not exist in the LRC.
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