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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Originally Posted by Truth View Post
I think you have touched on one of the most important question for me. Is it worth leaving? Because it would include leaving some friends, or at least some parts of our friendship. Yet, I need to leave because I need some friends who see things differently (spiritually). With all my friends in the LC, I still feel lonely because I cannot express my concerns regarding the teachings and leadership of the LC's. If you cannot speak the truth with friends, how much are they really your friends? Yet they are my friends. We are close in so many other ways, but not this (regarding the LC).
There is a dilemma in some ways. You want to remain in good standing with them yet at the same time you don't want to be accused of trying to "poison" them. I wouldn't speak anything unsolicited. Perhaps they should need to inquire of you? Many brothers and sisters have left the local church fellowship, yet the questions are not asked why?

Personally I have family friends still in the local churhes and others who have left the local churches. Those who left, I didn't even know when it happened until I asked and why they left. Even more these family friends still remain friends with one another. That to me indicates their friendship is not predicated on fellowship with the local churches but on being fellow members of the Body.
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