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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

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The Lord had little good to say to some of the churches in Revelations 2-3, yet He told none of those members to leave, rather to stay and overcome, and He would bless them.
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"Obey the Lord, and leave all the consequences to Him." - Charles Stanley
Obedience to the Lord will always surprise you. How can you tell, ahead of time, whether He will say, "Get out of her, my people", or "Each one, in what he was called, in this let him remain"? (Rev 18:4/Jer 51:45, vs. 1 Cor 7)

That is why I say that the the Bible is open before you. Are you open before God? Don't come into God's word with your concepts, finding portions to support yourself and ignoring what isn't convenient. Let the revelation push away your ideas and your comfort. Forget your hard-won vision of how things are, and should be. God led you on this path for a reason. God doesn't make mistakes. Don't tell God under what circumstances you are prepared to worship, follow, and obey Him.

That's how we got saved in the first place. We were willing to let go of what we thought was known, and embrace the unknown. Why suddenly require certitude to follow and obey?
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