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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Originally Posted by Truth View Post
Thanks awareness. This works if you don't have any close friends/connections in the LC. I have a few, and more than a few. There is no way I can just step out quietly without being noticed. I grew up in this and have given my life to this. I was one of those die-hard ministry supporters myself. None can imagine me leaving. It would come as a big shock.

How would I explain all this to them without lying? If I brought up the history of the LC it would seriously hurt some and maybe even ruin their lives. I have friends who have given their entire life and careers to the LC. Some of these are true friends. I know that even when I leave, we will stay in touch; however, this would become a huge wall in our relationship.

I feel stuck and imprisoned right now.
Most of the posters here were once die-hard ministry supporters too. I was there 30 years.

Truth, if the Lord is leading you out, then you only need to say to family and friends that you are struggling to follow the Lord. Ask the Lord what you should say, and to whom. Don't put the blame on them, and they will be more apt to listen.

If you have become disgusted with the LC system, perhaps because of what you have read or experienced first hand, then you have to consider and re-consider. All churches are flawed; none are perfect. Does what you find so obnoxious in the LRC outweigh friendships and Christian bonds?

Granted things may have been a little easier for me to leave. All the LC's in the region were dividing due to the quarantine of TC. Even before I left I had trouble with the HWMR, but I loved to labor in the Word and speak for the Lord. So I prayed over the verses from the HWMR, and found the anointing there to share with the church. I do miss that part of the churchlife.

The church is really those around you with the Lord in your midst. LSM and its programs are not the church, and may not even be helping the church. You have no obligation to fulfill all of their demands. One of the worst teachings of LSM is to change the scripture "many members but one body" (I Cor 12.20) into "many LC's but one body," which is not the body of Christ at all, but their loyal membership.

The Lord had little good to say to some of the churches in Revelations 2-3, yet He told none of those members to leave, rather to stay and overcome, and He would bless them.

Pray the Lord would make it clear to you what to do and say.
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