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Unhappy Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Originally Posted by awareness View Post
A brother I'm close with, and his wife, just quietly walked out. No big deal.
Thanks awareness. This works if you don't have any close friends/connections in the LC. I have a few, and more than a few. There is no way I can just step out quietly without being noticed. I grew up in this and have given my life to this. I was one of those die-hard ministry supporters myself. None can imagine me leaving. It would come as a big shock.

How would I explain all this to them without lying? If I brought up the history of the LC it would seriously hurt some and maybe even ruin their lives. I have friends who have given their entire life and careers to the LC. Some of these are true friends. I know that even when I leave, we will stay in touch; however, this would become a huge wall in our relationship.

I feel stuck and imprisoned right now.
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