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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
I'm also currently in the LC, and I feel that I need to leave eventually. I know there are others here who are still in the LC as well. You are not alone. Leaving is not easy, if it was I would have left already. I think we all have similar concerns about leaving and don't want to feel "alone". I take comfort in realizing that the fact we have to worry about being isolated or labeled a "rebel" clearly indicates that something is wrong with the LC. I know that I have a lot of mixed feelings about it, but when I try to look at it objectively, it isn't so hard to realize that I need to leave.
Seems to me you've developed a kind of co-dependency. Time to stand on your own two feet. You'll more than feel alone for awhile ... but you'll get over it ... and be stronger for it.

Many blessings ....
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