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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Originally Posted by Lisbon View Post
One of my hardest things to get over in a way is that how could I be so stupid, and how could we be so stupid.
Read Animal Farm by George Orwell. That helped me understand the snare I was in. Didn't really give me direction for my life though. The only ONE Who can & does that for us is Jesus Christ. We seek Him with a pure heart and He will direct our hearts & minds.

RK is one of th e smartest persons I have known in the LC
I've heard that too but he has got to be the most boring speaker in the world!!! Someone in the LC used to send me CD messages of him speaking. I don't think I listened more than 2 minutes of him talking. He was TERRIBLE!!! I was asked to watch the Francis Ball celebration memorial via webcam too. When he spoke... WOW !! That was the worst memorial service I had ever 'attended'. Horrible. Just Horrible. WEIRD in fact.

Oh... and there were several people who began their 'prophesies' with "God made man to make man god in life and nature, but not in the God-head".

I bet he has the knack to cure insomnia though.

Why we didn't stand up and scream when WL started trashing the Bible is not easy for me to understand some 27 years ago. Why didn't we pray then.
How different do you think it is from the RCC ? It became a clone of it. The RCC congregants use 'missals' & catechism doctrines likened to the LSM's HWMR & 'life studies'. The RCC has it's own Catholic Bible as does the LSM, the RcV.

The RCC has the Pope...but unlike Lee, the Pope is replaced when he dies.
Lee of course is the everlasting pope in the LSM.

So not to make this a longer post, I am going to start a new thread on the Jezebel spirit. It may help you understand how people got sucked in.

What is an interesting factoid about me is I was raised Catholic. When I got saved, it was the LC brethren that led me to Christ (in a very, very strong way I might add. Glory to the Lord Jesus!) All was well more or less for a couple of years. I really got set free from most of my sins right away. I had some hidden sins that God eventually set me free from. But it took years because I would not let go. time went on, legalism crept in in a very big way. We stopped using the word 'Sunday'. It was announced in a meeting one day Sunday was now going to be referred to as "The Lord's Day" because brother Lee said so. We exchanged the bible for the Life Studies. The Life studies became our bible. No different than the RCC 'missals'.

It took me a while to see how similar Lee's teachings were like the RCC. The outer darkness teaching is a purgatory teaching. Purgatory is a place where the souls of Catholics with little sins go to before they go to heaven. It is people's prayers that get them out. Grant it Lee didn't go that far to my knowledge but Purgatory was basically the outer darkness doctrine he taught.

The other common denominator the RCC & the LSM have is the majority of Catholics don't give a kitten kaboodle about the RCC. They go to mass out of habit. But they openly and arrogantly sin without fear. A good example are the Kennedys. Good Catholic men. Uh - Huh. Oh...and the Italian Mafia. Remember the Godfather movie??

But tell those people how evil the RCC is and they'll hang you upside down! Tell them about Jesus and their response is "I am a Catholic & I am not going to change my religion", while they light up a cigarette & take a swig of their beer while checking out a hot dude or a hot chick walking by them.

So what is the stronghold that keeps people in these cult like organizations?

Stay tuned.

We were badly drugged then and things have never changed.
But those who truly desire GOD will be delivered.

Lord help us!
Amen Lisbon. Amen.

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
(Luke 21:36)
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