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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Somewhat commenting on Bearbears #58.
When I am perfectly sober and calm, I can readily agree with several posters who speak that all we can do is pray. Certainly our situation is no surprise to the Lord and in a sense He is not going to do much about it. Just think, the church is very near to being 2000 years and there has never been a protracted time of wonder. Remember Paul wrote to Timothy, "all Asia has deserted me." And John wrote to maybe th e same group not that much later with a verdict of trouble.

One of my hardest things to get over in a way is that how could I be so stupid, and how could we be so stupid. I know very few smart people so maybe that is the answer. RK is one of th e smartest persons I have known in the LC and look how he turned out. It may be hard for people to believe in God but it is not at all hard for me to believe in the devil. Over quite a long period of time we were very drugged. Why we didn't stand up and scream when WL started trashing the Bible is not easy for me to understand some 27 years ago. Why didn't we pray then. We were badly drugged then and things have never changed.

I get a double dose of something each Sunday and I continue to be dismayed when I hear the lchers reading WL so sweetly and uniformily. How can they do that? I really don't think there is any hope. The Bretheren still have a meeting in our city and even smaller groups than that. I like one of the posters who says "where do we go from here.? I am sure of one thing, I have no desire to be a crusader.

I'm sure I don't pray like I shoud but I do pray more than ever before in my life. Our children and our friends so need our prayers. I have little burden to pray for the LSM and in my area all the churches are solidly for LSM unless I am badly fooled.

Lord help us!

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