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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

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...I was en route to Taipei to participate in "God's up-to-date move on earth to evangelize the whole earth in the new way." The ugly scandals with Swaggert and Bakker served as the black backdrop for God's "holy, righteous, and shining work at LSM/FTTT." Or so I thought. And so I was told. Little did I know of Phillip Lee's hanky-panky at the same time!
The premise of the LC system requires a black backdrop. If Witness Lee cannot paint Christianity as the big bad whore then who needs the "The Recovery" - that remnant group of God's super special people who see the light while other Christians languish in darkness? But if you market yourself this way you also have to have a culture of cover-up to go along with it otherwise people will find out you're nothing special and you'll lose your main selling point.

Interestingly enough Lee never said the LC system, himself or Watchman Nee didn't have problems. What he did say is: he chose to ignore them or cover them up. He publicly promoted verbally and in print John So and John Ingalls as pillars in the church and said one their secrets of success was they ate the chicken (of his ministry) but ignored the bones. Until...the bones became so big they couldn't ignore them anymore because they were choking. And then Lee immediately changed his tune and said...they changed like Demas in the NT (2 Tim 4:10) i.e. the one who forsook Paul because he loved the world.

Put other way James Barber called Philip Lee and his antics the "fly in the ointment". Now most people would think: Let's just remove the fly from the ointment! Simple huh? But Lee's weird MO was: Let's merrily drink the ointment with the fly in it and never discuss the fly and the problems it creates.
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