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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Originally Posted by alwayslearning View Post
I agree. The idea that Christians are or should be a block politically flies in the face of on-the-ground reality. Some Christians act as if Jesus is a white suburbanite who votes Republican in every election and if you're a real Christian you would too. Reality is many sincere Christians vote Democrat, have nuanced views on complex social issues, etc.

But suppose Haggard was just a pastor who occasionally taught against homosexual behavior (or any other sin) while expounding Scripture and then it was found out he was engaging in such behavior himself. If he genuinely repents and ends the behavior how should the church relate to him thereafter?
How? Very differently than before. He should be welcomed back as a brother, just as Paul directed the Corinthians to welcome the brother who was excommunicated per the first letter.

But his position of ministry can never be the same. Maybe be part of a ministry to those struggle with their demons. Maybe become part of the Celebrate Recovery or other nuanced 12-step program for true Christian healing. But not as the head of a mega-church (or even a small church). His life is different.

I can't find verses to support my position, but it is how I piece the various texts on the subject together. And without something that definitively points me in a different direction, that is where I feel I must stand.

Or to rephrase, "it seems good to me and to the Holy Spirit (I think)." And just like the original version of that statement, it is subject to review and revisit.
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