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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Originally Posted by alwayslearning View Post
I agree. The idea that Christians are or should be a block politically flies in the face of on-the-ground reality. Some Christians act as if Jesus is a white suburbanite who votes Republican in every election and if you're a real Christian you would too. Reality is many sincere Christians vote Democrat, have nuanced views on complex social issues, etc.

But suppose Haggard was just a pastor who occasionally taught against homosexual behavior (or any other sin) while expounding Scripture and then it was found out he was engaging in such behavior himself. If he genuinely repents and ends the behavior how should the church relate to him thereafter?
The only tie Haggard has to the subject of Witness Lee is that the only way he knows to make a living is to be a minister of a church.

Witness Lee failed at all his business ventures except his ministry and book publishing.

After his mega-church kick him to the curb, Ted tried to make a living selling insurance. But he couldn't make it in the real world, and it certainly didn't support him in the custom he was use to when a leader of the evangelicals, before his fall from grace, and before he was defrocked.

So now he's restarted his ministry ... cuz that's the only way he knows to make a living.

And just like with the fallen Jim Bakker, Christians will follow him. Cuz he's made a very convincing case that trauma therapy cured him ... wink wink ... please keep the donations coming.
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