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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

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Ted Haggard is one of the reasons that I think that Christianity should refrain from being some kind of "block" of political power and influence...Then he (Haggert) turns out to have been carrying on with a male "massage therapist" of some sort. I accept that many of us are hiding sins that we hope we can overcome (at least I hope we hope that). But when you go on record as fighting against the sins of sinners, and one of the sins you speak about so strongly turns out to be your own . . . .

And when you are the leader of the rather large coalition of "similarly minded" Christians, it makes a mockery of the whole thing.
I agree. The idea that Christians are or should be a block politically flies in the face of on-the-ground reality. Some Christians act as if Jesus is a white suburbanite who votes Republican in every election and if you're a real Christian you would too. Reality is many sincere Christians vote Democrat, have nuanced views on complex social issues, etc.

But suppose Haggard was just a pastor who occasionally taught against homosexual behavior (or any other sin) while expounding Scripture and then it was found out he was engaging in such behavior himself. If he genuinely repents and ends the behavior how should the church relate to him thereafter?
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