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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Ted Haggard is one of the reasons that I think that Christianity should refrain from being some kind of "block" of political power and influence. He was the president (or other title leader) of the main "Christian Right" political organization, and senior pastor of a major (mega) church in Colorado. He was outspoken on all the "right" positions that Christians supposedly want the government to legislate on. Gays and lesbians (and their marriage) and their ability to have jobs like other Americans. Abortion. Border security. And so on.

All positions that I mostly agreed with. But not in the way that it was pushed. Not in a way that makes Christians, in general, appear to be the jack-booted thugs that want to send all the heathen to hell now rather than after their death. Hateful ways of dealing with the issues.

Ways that harm the gospel because the average person is less likely to even open their ears and listen.

Then he (Haggert) turns out to have been carrying on with a male "massage therapist" of some sort. I accept that many of us are hiding sins that we hope we can overcome (at least I hope we hope that). But when you go on record as fighting against the sins of sinners, and one of the sins you speak about so strongly turns out to be your own . . . .

And when you are the leader of the rather large coalition of "similarly minded" Christians, it makes a mockery of the whole thing.

It laughs at love for your neighbor. It exposes the strong disdain for them in the name of Christ. And then laughs all the more when the enemy becomes us.
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