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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Originally Posted by OBW View Post
The problem is the rest of us as we read. For us who have been out for some time now, it is not such an issue (at least not in all cases). But for those still inside, or only barely out, the mind is too polluted by the LRC/LSM garbage that makes any kind of "church organization," or for that matter "organization" as essentially against the tenets of scripture.

Then, add to it that I needed that tongue-in-cheek smiley (that they don't have) when I suggested that she had just insulted so many good Christian/church organizations by suggesting that they were on the same level as the LSM. But if I were Lifeway Bookstore, Billy Graham Evangelistic Crusade (or whatever it is called), or any other number of Christian organizations, I would have been somewhat insulted to be lowered to the level of the LSM (wink, wink, nod, nod, say no more )
Talk about LSM. I often heard how they were not an organization, but an organism. LSM is just a simple publisher of books.
Yes, I would agree if LSM was just a simple publisher of books, LSM would be as many a Christian organization. However they are not so simple.
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