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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Originally Posted by OBW View Post
I saw a variant on that as my mother's health deteriorated over a period of six months ultimately ending in her death. The sequence of events was understood as inevitable.

as time went on, I remember my dad mentioning that at least a couple of times one or another of the brothers he had often had Saturday breakfast with asked him in a typically upbeat way "how's is going?" to which my dad could only say something like "other than the fact that my wife is dying, I guess OK." I don't know what he really thought about it, but I suspect that he had at least some realization that being upbeat is just part of the system.

And when we had the funeral, I was fit to be tied. I appreciate that so many did come. ... But their shallow . . . no . . . hollow effort to deal with anything that is not simply Christ and the church and finding good material as they denigrate everyone else in the name of oneness is just a stick in my craw. I wish that the rest of my family saw it clearly enough to get out. Then I would probably just quit thinking about this system of error that calls itself the "Lord's recovery."
I have been thinking about this post OBW. I was going to begin by sending you my belated condolences on your mother's passing. But I think I will begin by sending you my condolences to you for the painful treatment you have endured by your family for not being 'one with the system'.

I get the celebration of a person's life at funerals. Unless the person's passing came through a violent & tragic death, or if it was a child's passing, many people are 'celebrating' their life at funerals. Non believers as well as believers. My beef is what are people especially in the LSM doing for the family and the bed ridden person. First off, I hate the 'cliche' of doing a 'good deed' without real Love and Friendship behind the action.

Let me clarify. I have seen and experienced myself 'church people' come to a home with food and a short visit. It is expected of them to do this service.

You put it so well:

Just the comments surrounding some who committed suicide, or even just had trouble with their marriages. People need more than more meetings and more HWMR. They need real people who share in their sufferings. Who come along side with honest help (which is very different from an exhortation to suck-it-up).
Real friends and real family are there for you all the time. They call you to chat at least once-twice a week. (& vice-versa..we do the same) We visit each other. Play board games. Play charades. Enjoy each other's company. And not just for a 'bible study' or fellowship. OF course every visit imho should involve the Lord Jesus in the activity.

Anyway I am glad you saw the LIGHT and were 'led out' of the LSM

I'm glad I am not relying on them for what I need. (Of course they would say that you just need Christ. That is true. But Christ has real, live arms and legs in the form of other Christians. They would deny those to people in need.)
Yes Christ is REAL... and Christ, our GOD is LOVE. He is compassionate. He smiles and He cries. He has a sense of Humor. He is Creative. He is the ultimate Creator. He is there for us. And HIS SPIRIT lives in us. But more often than not, we stifle Him with our baggage.

That is one among many reasons why I so look forward to returning whence we came from! To live in the Holy City New Jerusalem. We will experience real Love, Joy, and Beauty beyond our imagination. No more division!!!

I pray the Lord truly bless you OBW..may He surround you with lots of real friends, lots of Love from your immediate family and above all embrace you with His LOVE and inner peace.

Blessings and thanks for sharing,

Carol g
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
(Luke 21:36)
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