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Default Re: Suicides in the local churches

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
No help was available inside the LC and no help was available outside the LC.
This explains the suicide. If a person thinks that there is no help at all available, it is very difficult to continue on living.

Just a note on the side: Things have changed slightly in the Recovery over the years. In the past, psychological illness were seen as a spiritual weakness (ie. calling on the Lord and praying will solve it all). But now the saints are realizing that some of these ones need help from a psychiatrist or psychologist. When I was in the FTTA, some of the trainees WERE in fact encouraged to see their doctor and take medication.

The sad thing is, in some cases the brother/sister doesn't need a doctor or medication. They really just need some personal and practical counseling (both spiritual or non-spiritual). Some others just need a friend...
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