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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Both my wife and I were born in poverty and thus ate very frugally for all our growing years. My mother was a good cook but when she served something I didn't like I was never compelled to eat it. Several times in my youth I ate peanut butter and crackers for supper and there was nothing said. Likewise with my wife who was also a good cook, when something was made not to my good taste or my kids good taste, we didn't eat it. No offense. But in the LC if food is set before you sometimes for years and it is distasteful or poisonous, there is no recourse. You eat it or get out. What a loving situation.

Lately a distasteful item has arisen which has been with us for forty years, "everything is corporate." It is chanted,sccreamed, continuosly over and over. You should not pray by yourself and anything else by yourself but everything should be corporate. It's part of the control feature of LC,
really nauseating.

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