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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

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...I participate in events among the saints in my locality as long as it is not a LSM held activity...The "great struggle" is that I cannot speak out against the system. I know that the moment I criticize, I am gone. Even if I leave, I would like to leave graciously, and not harbor bad feelings. I may share some of my feelings to those I am close with eventually. Why speak out when everyone will misunderstand you. Speak to those who will listen.
IMHO this is a good attitude to have and indicates you know how the LC system works. It seems you have friends there and enjoy their company and fellowship. Unfortunately many will not be your friends anymore if you speak out against the downside of the system they embrace. You will be branded a leper and warned against.

Like all churches the LC system has plus and minuses. If you are comfortable there and can effectively navigate your way around the minuses why expend the time and energy it takes to find another imperfect church to get involved in? Of course at some point in time the minuses may so outweigh the pluses that in good conscience you may have to leave. But you can cross that bridge if and when you come to it.
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