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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Originally Posted by Truth View Post
Let me clarify - the "great struggle" here is not that I have difficulties loving the saints event though I hate the system. I am able to draw the line between the two well enough. I participate in events among the saints in my locality as long as it is not a LSM held activity. For example, I will never go to one of the 7 feasts. Another example, I use the verses in the the HWMR, but not always the ministry writing in it (unless it helps). I try my best to speak from the Word, not from the ministry, etc... You get the point. This has never been a problem for me. In fact when I do this among the new members (who are already believers from another denomination), it feels even more natural.

The "great struggle" is that I cannot speak out against the system. I know that the moment I criticize, I am gone. Even if I leave, I would like to leave graciously, and not harbor bad feelings.
I will start off by saying, I love the brothers and sisters in the local churches, but disagree with the non-scriptural practices the system endorses. Many brothers and sisters I know, many of whom I have known since the 70's, I am more familiar with than my own relatives.
Yes, it is a struggle to speak out against the system, you will be shown the door. For example in 1993 when I moved to Bellevue, Washington from Southern Cal. As soon as I heard the term "rebellious ones", within me there was a resonation there was no such rebellion. It was a farce to retain partiality. Had I objected and expressed my sense from within, I would have been asked to leave without question. The brothers can't handle the concept the ministry can err on any point.
If there's anything I harbor it's disgust of the hypocrisy. So-called quarantines. Calling facts-lies and passing lies as facts (see Isaiah 5:20).
I can understand what you're saying about HWFMR. There is value in the verses. Many times I have not seen value in the ministry unless it translates to daily life application.
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