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Default Re: Does the Bible say we are Sinners?

Originally Posted by aron View Post
And why should the apostle Paul make such a statement? Because on this side of the Judgment Seat it's the only safe position to take. When the Judge calls you higher, then go. Until then, no.
This was addressed earlier (post #11). Paul says this about himself, looking back upon when he persecuted Christ (the church), in deep humbleness. Show me a place Paul then says that we are to call ourselves sinners --> Dare I say, you won't find it! (unless I've missed it, which of course may be possible, but I doubt it)

In God's eyes it's a done deal folks! The terms God uses now are quite definitive for His many sons: New creation! Crucified! The life I NOW live . . . and so forth. Put off the old man and put on the new man. It is finished. Come into the realm of the Spirit where things are reality . . . not taking just our view and supposedly accurate experience.

So here's the challenge - find a specific passage in the NT to support the idea that born agains are identified as sinners.
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