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The Shift to LSM dictated LCs

STG : What a system of error the LC has become. A remarkable contrast to the early 70s.

STG : In the early 70s the fresh and living experiences of Christ, and genuine fellowship there, were bountiful! It is obvious that the LC has now turned WL and his teachings into a bona fide cult figure, which has totally replaced Christ and the Anointing!

STG: So sad.

In the 70s The Stream publication editor was John Ingalls. Correct me if Im wrong.
John Ingalls and one other together with WL prayed together in the beginning of WLs work in the USA, and John Ingalls was the first editor of WLs publications, and the compiler of the hymnal book, and one of the original translators of the Recovery version bible.

My opinion : The Lord delivered him away from involvement in the current Recovery version bible and the current WL publications.

The Stream was renamed to Living Stream Ministry.
Any clearer or detail input about The Stream publication?

My opinion : In the early days in the USA, The Stream was like publishing 'teachings that produce God's economy' as compared to the now LSM publishing 'teaching mota God's economy to produce a proprietary LSM dictated LCs body organisation'.
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