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Default Re: Shepherding Words "From The Co-Workers In The Lord's Recovery"

Originally Posted by aron View Post
A lot of people who made it out of the LR would recognise these tactics & methods. Ask Jane Anderson what it was like to participate in a show trial.

The 'SW' website sees the bias in the Communist Party, but they don't see their own partiality. Witness Lee's histories were just as suspect as Hsu's. Maybe moreso.
Yeah, it probably would be fair to say that any account coming from that time period in China should be taken with a grain of salt. A lot of it could very well have been propaganda. We know that WL's account was, because of his statement regarding Nee, which I noted in my last post: "whether he is wrong or right is not my business."

Everything that happened with Nee just raises too many unanswered questions (and we will never have the answers). So really, a defense of Nee when there are so many unknowns is inherently biased. It also should be noted that Lily Hsu's book is even titled to indicate that it is her own 'memories'. To me that has the implication that the book isn't intended to be an authoritative account of what happened. So when they (LSM/DCP) go and attack such a book as being not credible, what they are up to seems all the more suspect.
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