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Default Re: Some require seeing the print of the nails

Originally Posted by zeek View Post
ZNP and Ohio--

You guys are two peas is shroud er uh pod. ZNP where do you get off condemning Harold because he is skeptical about your shroud? Is this the new "What must I do to be saved" test---ya gotta accept the shroud or go to hell? I missed that verse.

It's a little early to be taking a victory lap. You haven't even replied to Evangelical's well framed arguments in post #74. Ugly judgmental Christian behavior is why most people reject Christianity. It certainly isn't because they don't want to give up sin. There seems to be as much sin in Christianity as outside of it, maybe more.

You guys share a paranoid world-view in which you think people are holding beliefs in order to trick you. That's a kind of pathological narcissism. It's the same kind of thinking that I have seen in the Church of Scientology not to mention the Local Church. Even though you claim you are out of the LC, you are still living in socially isolated bubbles. It's related to the exclusivism which is at the core of your way of looking at Christianity.

Oh while your at it, please produce the scientific NASA evidence for Joshua's lost day. Snopes couldn't find it.

Clearly they believe in the Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Science.
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