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Default Re: Some require seeing the print of the nails


For the 14th century forger, while they might not have had reason to go to such lengths, they could have:
  • Used a real body of someone of the right "class"
  • Damaged them in the way presumed to be consistent with Jesus
  • Done this in the vicinity of Jerusalem
  • Took the them on the trip to where they were eventually declared "found" and to be what they wanted them to be.
Statistics are not a friend of proof. And the writers who provide the support are most likely of the group that would want to be finding such an artifact. Is their analysis truly objective or are they seeing what they want to see?

I do believe that your are.

But it is difficult to discuss anything with the smartest person in the room. So I might just leave you to your fantasy. Sort of like when you started in analyzing the facts and conjecture surrounding the source of the "Landslide Lyndon" nickname. For what reasonable purpose is this part of "Local Church Discussions"?? It's not as strong a connection as powerplants, wires and electricity when discussing the power of Christ and that one is really "out there."
I once thought I was. . . . but I may have been mistaken Edge (with apologies)
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