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Default Re: Some require seeing the print of the nails

Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
We can certainly discuss whether or not proof can be given once everyone has weighed in on whether or not the request is reasonable. So far you and OBW have weighed in.

Just so I have this straight -- if you request proof of the resurrection and you were a disciple, like Thomas, then it will be provided to strengthen your faith.

But if you are an unbeliever, then forget it, you go to hell.

Unless of course you live in the Amazon rain forest, in which case you can feign ignorance, and in that case the Lord will let it slide.

Is that your understanding of a righteous judgement?
I did not say that the Lord will let it slide, for the scripture does say "without excuse" (I think you know the verse). I meant that even those who feign ignorance (those in the jungle) the Lord does not excuse, because "in Him we have our being".

It is really hard to discuss this without ending up in a free will versus election debate but Scripture strongly points to God's mercy being a key factor otherwise proof would be given at every request. God's mercy is at play here because some people ask for proof and get none, others ask and get it, some who do not seek at all, receive, and many, the majority I would say, neither ask nor seek, nor does God show mercy.
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