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The concept of "God's eternal economy is for the building of his dwelling place which will consummate in the New Jerusalem" has been wrought into my soul.
I remember when I was young this idealism was very appealing to me. I recently brought up the idea they we are living stones to build the New Jerusalem. That hit the funny bone of some exLCers. It is one of the high peak teachings of Witness Lee, that can't be found in mainstream Christianity. But it is so idealistic it's worthless. It's too heavenly minded to be any earthly good. And the New Jerusalem, in Revelation, is not mentioned to be coming down from heaven in such a way. It's another gospel, invented by Nee and Lee.

Same with Lee's theosis, or the idea that we are transformed into the image of Christ. Neither Lee, nor Nee, ever was transformed in such a way, in their entire lives. It's a high peak pipe dream. But idealism does have it's appeal ... perhaps tho, a bewitching (Gal 3:1) appeal.
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