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Default Far from home: a young one introducing himself

Greetings, saints. I'm just signed up today. I have entered here before and have read some post since a year ago.

Let me introduce myself.
I'm a currently LC member since 8 years ago when i met the Lord. i love the Lord and the brothers and sisters also. I meet often with the saints whenever i'm at the city.
You see, currently i'm living in a small town in the desert very apart from home.
I am temporarily working here and will stay 8 more months. This town where i am, is pretty boring. Here's no church nor brothers. Most of websites are blocked in the work's PC, so practically i spent the last 4 months without internet and last night i just had internet access. Well, as there is not much to do here in town, i thought that this forum can help. I always have believe that forums are nice places to stay stay connected.
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