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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by ABrotherinFaith View Post
I should take my own advice from another thread and ignore you in the future. You're intentionally obfuscating. Like I said, your posts are perfect example of the kind of deception practiced by the LC/ CoC.
Quitting so easily?

There's no deception. Every one of my statements are factual, I can name the Google links returned by name, proving their positive feeling towards the local churches.

For example, one of the top links for a search on "is the local church a cult" is this one:

Are the Local Churches a Cult? - Christian Research Institute

which says "To begin with, the local churches are not a cult..."

I think what happened is that you thought you'd make fun of my technical abilities instead of reading the post to which I was responding to and why I only used relevant search terms. Now you are embarrassed because you can't think of any counter-argument to my facts so decide to quit. If you did have anything of substance to refute my claims, you would have posted them in your first post instead of making fun of my Googling methods.
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