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I never heard a sister got pregnant. What a shame. The Catholic Church only admitted sins when the spotlight was too bright to deny. LSM has never reached that point. Put them on "60 Minutes," and then they will repent.

Philip Lee was excommunicated by the elders in Anaheim. So W. Lee portrayed these elders as part of a vast global conspiracy to destroy his ministry. They were libeled and slandered. (Read John Ingalls' account Speaking the Truth in Love.) Meetings were held, books were written, and Ingalls and other godly men were all expelled or left voluntarily. After all the smoke settled, W. Lee had his new lackey elders restore Philip to good standing. What a sham!

Some questioned how Philip could even be excommunicated since he was probably unsaved and never even met with the church. But then how could WL place him in charge of a Christian publishing house, when his real role was to bring all the elders and co-workers around the world under subjection to him. (Read the horror stories of what Philip did to the German saints when John So refused to bow down to him.) Philip was a known predator like Harvey Swinestein with a trail of victims. There is no more reason to extend the "benefit of the doubt" to any LSM leader. They are all complicit.
What did he do to the German saints? (PL?) I'll search for it but if you know of a thread or link can you send? This really bothers me because I believe he may have been running the FTT in Tapei when my dad was there, and other people I know of....

What was the explanation to the saints when he finally was excommunicated? That it was just all John Ingalls and the other brothers made up story? I know thats when they released the book F.O.P.R.....So he was brought back in, put in place at LSM and then what? When did he leave? Is he alive/kids alive?

Sorry, so many questions! I guess I just feel like if I ever talk to my family about it that I want to know what I'm talking about.
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