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Default Zealous and Misled

I think Casci's title, "zealous and misled", is an entirely fitting summary of his testimony of his involvement in the LC. If you look at the young ones being filtered through the FTTA, and thenceforth out to "serve the ministry", what is the difference between them and young Mormons going into the MTC and thence to their missions? In the words of LSM prophet RK, "Absolutely nothing"!

They all serve the "ministry of the age", seeking to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and build up His unique Body. No difference that I can see. They all push a proprietary revelation, as the one speaking of God today. No compromise, no discussion: be absolute. This enthusiasm, this misled zeal, attracts the young people, who want to belong to something, and find definitive purpose and meaning in their lives. Here it is, folks, your handy-dandy one-stop shopping: just accept the revelation of God's Oracle and you are set for life. You never have to think again, just ask, "What would the Oracle want us to do?" which has been answered in long streams of books and pamphlets and hammered into you with innumerable training sessions. The answer is that you have been put here on earth to serve the ministry. This is the sole, unique, move of God on the earth today. Don't you want to be part of it?
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