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Default Re: Would a LC saint take the Table with us?

Originally Posted by Drake View Post

If none, how does that unprove the ministry is for the churches?



I made no such connection, claim, or implication that implied any disproving that the ministry is for the churches. That was not in my mind at all. My first sentence was simply agreeing with you that the ministry should be for the churches. Agreed.

My second sentence was a return to LofT's original question/line of thought. I was not drawing any connection, conclusion, or claim between the first and second sentence. If it helps, you can add the phrase "Back to the original thought" before my question to help make a distinction, because that was my intention when I wrote it.

Based on your initial response of "If none...", should I infer that your answer to the standalone question of "What is a locality in which Witness Lee (and Nee)'s books are NOT the primary ones read from, referenced, or sold?" is "none"?
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