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Default Re: Some Good Things to Come Out of the Recovery?

Originally Posted by Sons to Glory! View Post
To recap, here are the good things I've put forth that I consider the LC to have promoted (again, not necessarily originated by the LC):

1. Open meetings - encouraging all to function
I wasn't speaking specifically about the LC. I just enjoy hearing the functiing of all the saints! Take yesterday's meeting in Scottsdale for example. Different ones called songs and shared why they had enjoyed them this week. Then one of the six speaking brothers gave a message on a topic the ekklesia felt was good. Then several shared about what the Lord impressed them with during the meeting and regarding the message. Other experiences/seeings/needs were shared too. Then someone called another song toward the end that they thought pertained well to the message. In closing a sister reminded us of a study they were giving this week, concerning their family's recent trip to Israel. Then we did a potluck with lots of fellowship. Gosh, was that all so enjoyable - I experienced being part of God's family in my spirit! That's the kind of open functioning I'm talking about.
Ok, I see now. I think this is a very great and profitable thing for your fellowship! My understanding and experience leads me to believe there is a larger "mission" for the local church (using generic term here) to serve and love the community around them. I also believe the saints need to be "equipped" for this mandated work of ministry. What you have described above is absolutely biblical and no doubt profitable for many of the church members/attendees at large, but this kind of meeting style does not necessarily help the local church fulfill the larger mission.

2. The Emphasis on the Indwelling Christ
That's awesome! I hope the message gets out more and more - really the central theme of the New Covenant. Us learning how to experience the indwelling Christ is critical.
My brother, this message has been getting out since the days of the infant church immediately after the pouring out of the Indwelling Christ (aka The Holy Spirit!) at Pentecost in Acts 2. Actually this matter of the Indwelling Christ has never had a need to be "recovered" or even emphasized any more than so many of the other great truths revealed to us in the New Testament. To be sure, it is indeed one of the central themes of the New Covenant.

3. Calling on the name of the Lord
Yes, many of us have seen the way NOT to call on the Lord. It is scriptural, and He's shown me that "Not denying My name" has saved me frequently in the wilderness. Dead chanting no - but a sincere calling - yes! (audible or inaudible) A verse that's helped me is "No man can say Lord Jesus apart from the Holy Spirit." Take that to the bank!
I should have said from the outset that I do not consider this an essential or core teaching in the NT. "Calling on The Lord" is a term used throughout the Bible with a number of diverse connotations. Certainly no one could possibly believe that it meant calling out "Oh, Lord Jesus" in the Old Testament. In fact, there is absolutely no evidence that is what it meant in the New Testament. Again, I wouldn't argue that this practice is unbiblical, per se, but I don't believe it is profitable as a common practice, at least not in the form and fashion it is employed in the Local Church.

4. Taking in the Pure Milk of the Word
Of course we don't need WL! If you read the earlier post describing this, it's about not going to the word just for some head knowledge. But rather taking the word in by prayer, praying it back to Him, singing it, etc. Again, not in some rote way, but meditating on the word and asking Him about it and chewing it over. Also using our mouth to audibly speak His word, when possible, helps.
Again, I think what you have described is something that has been taught and practiced among the vast majority of evangelical/orthodox Christians throughout the centuries. It may not be practiced in the exact manner as you have described, and there are different words and terms used by any number of Christians, but we are talking about the same exact thing. "I found thy Words and I did eat them!" Praise Him for this! "Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path!" Hallelujah for this lamp and this light!

5. One church; One city
I like that - "Described . . . Not prescribed." Sure, like any other dead knowledge it will just kill and divide. I see it in the NT and meet with a group that basically ascribes to the idea of not having a name per se. But it is a minor point with the ones I meet with, and for me too. If the name we meet under intentionally stumbles our brother and severs fellowship - what good is it!?
Good points. I would make the additional point that the importance of the name on the placard (or lack thereof) outside the doors is minuscule compared to the infinite importance of what is going on inside the doors.

6. The Building
I will respond about "building" in another message.
What exactly are you "clueless" about?
Ok, caught me being a little facetious here. Admittedly I'm pretty jaded when it comes to some Local Church buzz words, and "The Building" is definitely one of them. One of Witness Lee's main themes (especially towards the beginning in America) was "Life and Building". What ended up happening is that "The Building", however well-intentioned and altruistic Lee and his followers might of been, turned into the building of the person and work of Witness Lee. Not much more to say about this for me. I'm sure you had something else in mind though, and please feel free to expand/expound upon what you mean by "The building".
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