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Default Re: Some Good Things to Come Out of the Recovery?

Originally Posted by Sons to Glory! View Post
O-tay, back to this.

Because everything else shifts (creeds, doctrines, people, etc.), but the church in Jerusalem is just that - simple. But then when that becomes just another doctrine (as has been discussed on here ad nauseum squared), it certainly can be just another divisive thing. Been there. Done that. Wore out and outgrew that t-shirt.

But it was still a really nice t-shirt for a time . . . but even really nice t-shirts fail (1 Cor 3:8). So I gave it up to seek the perfect thing.
Not quite the answer I was looking for but close because you mentioned the changeability of creeds, doctrines etc...

The reason is that for normal believers, locality is the only type of practical division which cannot be avoided. Division over anything else is avoidable (it can be changed). So naturally, Paul addresses different letters to Christians in different localities because that division is practically unavoidable.

So the reason for meeting by locality is because there is no other excuse one may give for not meeting with other believers. Now some may take this opportunity to say that those in the recovery should join a denomination but a denomination is not the default, normal, locality-grounded place for meeting but rather a faction. They are the ones who have the non-locality based excuse for not meeting with other believers.
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