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Default Re: Some Good Things to Come Out of the Recovery?

So now we've listed three good things to come out of The Recovery (even though they may not have been the originator) and we've got off on a few "interesting" discussions around them . . .

Here's what we have so far:

1. Open meetings - encouraging all to function
2. The Emphasis on the Indwelling Christ
3. Calling on the name of the Lord

Here's my fourth, which may set off a real flurry of discussion:

4. Taking in the Pure Milk of the Word

I was considering this last item in my morning time today. To me drinking the pure milk of the word is about getting nourishment - not just some mental education. The Recovery wasn't the first to talk about taking the word in by prayer. And I'll certainly admit some of the corporate pray-reading times I've experienced were often quite mechanical. But I'm talking about reading a verse and then talking to the Lord about it (out loud when possible).

There are many references in scripture about engaging our mouths with the word of God. Something happens when we begin to pray, speak His word and sing out loud. It isn't about memorizing (which isn't bad) or just gaining knowledge (which isn't bad), but something that actually nourishes us and builds us up in spirit.

I am thankful for this!
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