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Default Re: Some Good Things to Come Out of the Recovery?

Originally Posted by JJ View Post
I agree with those three things and wish they were more prevalent in Christian circles. For me learning the leading of the Holy Spirit in my human spirit. Another was relying on the written word of God in the Holy Bible as the ultimate authority of God's truth. But both of those also ultimately led me out because the Recovery replaced both with the Living Stream Ministry
This is one of the most amazing things about the LC experience -- we did learn much from the Bible about following the Lord, but it was what we learned which caused us to leave the LC.

Concerning the "work of ministry," many of us were helped by Nee's book The Normal Christian Churchlife. Yet when I reread that book with the other brothers in the church, I was shocked by how far removed the practices of LSM and many LC's were from both the New Testament pattern and Nee's more detailed instructions! According to Nee's teachings, supposedly our handbook for churchlife ministry, in many regards we were worse than the denominations!

We were not the first to learn this. Many others have compared Nee's book to the practices of Lee and the Blendeds today. One story I heard was Lee's comment when confronted with these gross discrepancies -- "Don't tell me about Nee's book, I was there!"
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