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Default Re: Some Good Things to Come Out of the Recovery?

Originally Posted by Sons to Glory! View Post
Question: When does trying to prove something become an accusation, and is there really a difference (some may want to debate this too!)?
The question is answered when we closely examine an overwhelming number of credible witnesses who step forward with testimony to protect the children of God from damage and expose LSM's unrighteousness.
So much of this forum is devoted to enumerating the sins of the Recovery. Sure, it is in the name of "getting the truth out" and perhaps some understanding and maybe healing. But at some point - what is the point? Do we just become another accuser of the brethren?
The Bible has recorded the sins of many men of God "for our admonition" as the Bible informs us. We are not just "enumerating their sins," but protecting the hurt and wounded. We address past sins, covered up by LSM's leadership, because the members have been deceived.
Yes, so many mistakes were made. Authority and central control (overt covert) got out of control. Okay, fine. Where is Christ!? Is He going over and over all the finer points, ad nauseum, of our sins? No.
Mistakes? Hey, I agree that everyone is entitled to a few "mistakes." But we are not talking about inadvertent "mistakes," but we are discussing carefully planned stratagems at LSM to deceive God's people, coverup crimes, and smear the reputations of those whose only "crime" is to speak their conscience in order to protect the children of God. Read John Ingalls book "Speaking the Truth in Love."
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