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Default Re: Some Good Things to Come Out of the Recovery?

Here are the two things we've listed so far, regarding good things to be promoted by the LC:
  1. Open meetings - encouraging all to function
  2. The Emphasis on the Indwelling Christ

So here's a third - Calling on the name of the Lord

Again, this doesn't mean the LC was necessarily the originator of the idea or practice, or that there weren't abuses and degradation from the idea. It just means that it was something they strongly promoted

"When you call you get the person of that Name!"

Calling on the name of the Lord has been something really saving in my life. Wherever I go or whatever I find myself in, I can call His name to myself or out loud. The word tells us that to breath the name of Jesus is a function of the Holy Spirit, and I am here to attest this is true! This fact is found in a number of places in the NT, Psalms and elsewhere. "Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved." There is no time limit and no shelf life to this.

The Lord had me out in the middle of the desert drying out for a few years. When I returned to consistent fellowship (here in Scottsdale) He showed me that while I thought I was totally in the toilet during that time, I still had not completely denied His name. That is, I would still occasionally sigh, "Lord Jesus" in a calling way to Him. He let me know that He heard me and saved me!
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