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Default Re: Some Good Things to Come Out of the Recovery?

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
You mentioned rote and only certain saints allowed to say certain things, that is a liturgical clergy-laity system. If only one person is speaking they have become "clergy" to the ones who don't speak who are the "laity". The clergy-laity system evolves from a majority of members not wanting or able to speak or a few members imposing rules that only one or two can speak. The format of the meetings encourages everyone to speak but if that does not happen it becomes a clergy-laity meeting.
It wasn't that only certain ones were permitted to speak, but what they spoke had some controls on it, as is being brought out on this thread.

So we know that this is another one of those things that started pretty well in the "Recovery," but then degraded.

But since this is a thread about good things that came out, I would put forth the 2nd one: The Emphasis on the Indwelling Christ. While the LC certainly didn't have the market cornered on this subject either, this was a central teaching of Nee and Lee.

(And, again, what started as a good focus of "Christ in you, the hope of glory" unfortunately devolved into the external control thing. And I should add that today 95% of the speaking I hear in Christendom still focuses on some aspect of the law. They may speak of New Testament things, but it is conveyed in an old covenant way of performance - still stuck in a Galatians type error. Most haven't learned that the Christian life is impossible to live apart from the life of Christ in them!)

But, nonetheless, I believe this focus - Christ in y-all - is the central theme to what the new covenant is about, and I think the Recovery did a lot to promote this truth.
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