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Default Some Good Things to Come Out of the Recovery?

After starting the "Recovering from the Recovery" thread, I felt compelled to start one about the good things that may have come out of it.

The thing that comes to me immediately is the functioning of every member. I must admit that when I visit other gatherings, and hear a great message, I think a HUGE opportunity is lost if there isn't some open sharing at the end. I can't tell you how much of a help this has been, and the Lord definitely speaks clearly through various members.

(The last LC I visited still sort of did this, but it was very rote, and the saints were only "allowed" to speak certain things. This was a Spirit killer. There was no fresh experience of Christ conveyed from their daily life, just something they were impressed with from (for instance) the current Life Study.)

I've also enjoyed, where I am now, that several brothers rotate in the Sunday teaching. Some time ago it was mainly just one brother sharing and it was very good. But then it was opened up to various ones to do the teaching, and things really took off!

So I know other groups before the LC had tried to break the hold of the clergy-laity system, but I give the LC credit for its current manifestation. The freedom for all the members to function is a huge thing, and I wish more would see and experience that.

Unfortunately, as we all know, this was abused by the LC leadership, and saints were not allowed the freedom they should have - in the gatherings and elsewhere.

So what's another good thing?
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