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Default Re: Can Anyone Help Our College Student?

Originally Posted by byHismercy View Post
The love and devotion they pour into lonely college kids is intense. I was invited into every Christian family home in that area for dinners, accepted at the families' tables as one of their own. The sweetness of the saints was touching and enticing. I never knew they could and would turn their love on or off as a tool to manipulate young believers.
Love is an intense emotion, blurs the senses. The young, especially, get all starry-eyed. Or teary-eyed. I know, I was there, once.

The way out, is twofold. First, to think. Ask yourself, why is this group so afraid of the new ones hearing everything? What is so scary about the truth? Would you fall in love and pledge your life to a young man or woman, only knowing half the truth about them? Does that bode well? The parents can ask these questions, and ask them aloud, before their young starry-eyed progeny. It is their duty.

Second, love desperately, intensely, passionately. Love the Lord, love the truth, (as much as you can figure it out), love your children unequivocally, love your proverbial neighbour who doesn't know Jesus or curses God. Be a person of love. Love the truth so much that you do the work to find out about Timothy Lee and the Daystar Motor Home Corporation, and Philip Lee as the LSM Office, about the details of the "storms" and "rebellions" that LC leadership doesn't want your son to hear about. Not to rub in your son's face, but to be armed to help not only him but his peers. He has cousins, classmates, neighbours too. So love the truth and be armed with it.

So - pursue truth passionately. Read the section in this website with the testimonies of Don Rutledge, Steve Isitt, John Ingalls, Jane Anderson, John Myer, the Casteels, former insiders who saw behind the veil, what leadership really was like. Then when your son asks questions, you'll be ready. When you know the history of the group better than he does, you will be ready to help him see what it really is. But you have to be willing to look. Jesus taught, "Seek and you will find." If you don't seek, you won't find. If you do seek, you will find. Pretty simple.

But let love lead you. Being a Christian isn't to force your journey on others, it is to be led so strongly and clearly by God's love in Christ Jesus, that others are inspired likewise to follow this love. Your son is an adult now (a child in an adult body, really, but still...) and you have to trust the Lord for the future. Just let yourself be led, strongly and clearly. God is in control. Surrender completely and constantly.

(Last suggestion. Seek help from spiritual advisers on campus. They may have resources. They may know ex-members.)
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