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Default Re: Why lc isn't apart of the breathen church?

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
People in the LC were always more worried about denominations squabbling over doctrines than they were about the fact that they has a group refused to have any real interaction with any Christians outside the LC.
And they sing songs by Luther, but shun the Lutherans. Praise Wesley but shun Methodists. Sing Fanny Crosby and Frances Havergal but shun Baptists and Congregation church goers. All those groups are supposedly beyond the Christian pale, but are simultaneously part of the LC's "rich heritage". Huh?

It's like saying, "I loved Joe. Would have done anything for him, at any moment. Anything. Nothing too small or great. But today I won't go near his wife, his kids, his house, his dog, his extended family, or any of his other friends. Can't stand any of them.... but I really loved Joe."
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