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Originally Posted by Thankful Jane View Post
Good morning!

I have just read and caught up with the posts since yesterday. The first thing I did, YP0534, was note the time you started this thread. I had the same question as FinallyPrettyOkay, did you sleep?? But now that we know you have the ability to search on Lee/Nee's works (wow to that), I can see how you did this.

I note in Hope's post on the other thread that he had heard Lee make the same statement (about sisters and heresies) on numerous occasions. Keep in mind that many times the actual things Lee said in public were modified by the editing process. I have heard this from some who were involved. I have noticed that things I clearly remember hearing in some messages were different when they were published. Hope heard this behind closed doors, I suspect in male company only, which is more insidious.

Watch it there with that loaded language, bubba. A nit is the egg of a louse. The dictionary says nitpicky is to find insignificant details of something unsatisfactory, often unjustifiably. Hmmm... Okay, Iíll give you a pass this time. A nit-picker isnít what is needed for this big topic, although getting rid of the eggs might be important. I think Iíll get out my gorilla-picker.

Aah, what a beautiful day it is going to be.

Thankful Jane
Actually, Thankful, I got in trouble in my locality because I got to the point of very closely scrutinizing the differences between what I heard in the training meetings and what was eventually issued on the printed pages. This was back in 1988 and, regardless that there were issues with what Lee actually taught, I can tell you that I grew alarmed that some of the best things I heard him speak were just whittled away to nothing by that funky editing process. One leading brother in my place reassured me that it was nothing to be concerned about and that there was no conspiracy at LSM.

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