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Default Re: So, What Torpedoed The Genuine Vital Groups?

MikeH - In the 3min segment of a 2006 Conference message below, Ron Kangas sheds light on why there are so many "checked out" ones sitting in the back of LSM/LC meetings. He also explains what might be behind the bizzare behaviors we have observed in many who prefer the front row?

PriestlyScribe, is it possible the "checked-out ones" are given to the ground of locality doctrine. They will not consider meeting anywhere else. It is possible they see re-speaking brother Lee's ministry as performing. It's a charade. In the words of the late Art Katz, games grown men play. So yes, these ones sitting in the back have checked out; checked out from playing the game. Maybe they've checked out because all they hear is clanging cymbals.
What they're really thinking is, let's get to meaningful issues. Speak a word on LOVE. Not just speak it. Live it. Have 1 Corinthians 13 become your living. Without love..... :rollingeyes2:
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