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Originally Posted by Drake View Post

You are kidding yourself if you think your interpretation is inerrant and mine is altering Gods Word. However, you are welcome to establish your beliefs using Gods Word in this discussion.

You say “sin is a thing”. Therefore, please explain how that “thing” took opportunity, deceived Paul, and slew him.

If your son or daughter came home and complained to you that s/he had been taken advantage of, tricked in some way, then deceived, and beat up would you say...

What did this terrible thing to you?”


Who did this terrible thing to you?”

Of course, you would want to know who.

Hi Drake,
Your question posed makes for a very logical proof to your stance. But, I will never be able to get past the fact that Gods word NEVER tells us "sin is Satan in virtual personification in our flesh."

Only Witness Lee. And Lees word is not higher than Gods divine revelation in His word, in fact, it is dung. You should flush it down.
In all sincerity,
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