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Mr. E,

The subject of this thread is "Deceptions on Campus", specifically "Christians on Campus", which is the college campus outreach of the Local Church of Witness Lee. The Local Church has a very tainted reputation among many evangelical/orthodox Christians, especially in the US. And since college kids are generally fully immersed in this "google age" we live in, when they google "Witness Lee" or "Local Church" they will probably shy away from attending any Christians on Campus event.

If these LC members would be honest, they would name their campus outreach "members of the Local Church of Witness Lee on campus to promote and propagate the teachings and practices established by Witness Lee". Christians on Campus is not a para-church organization, at least not in the sense of the great majority of college campus ministries.
Even if they just said "We are affiliated with The Church in [City], but welcome Christians of all backgrounds" it would be much more honest than what they say now.
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