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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by Bradley View Post
I was disappointed but obedient and soon forgot about the homeless brothers, focusing on the campus students..
The power of the gospel is to reach the sick, the deaf, the blind, the poor, the lame. Not just the "good building material". It could hardly be more plain. And it could hardly be more disregarded than in the LSM churches and "work".

The LSM is afraid of society's detritus because it would unmask their powerlessness. Why do you think they put so much pressure on people? Because they have no power. The fact that they must manipulate, deceive and cajole naive college students to make disciples is proof to me of their utter lack of divine reality.

Originally Posted by DistantStar View Post
they never put any pressure on me not to use my King James Bible.
But that you never let it go marked you as not fully "one" with the programme; that you subsequently left further cements their suspicions that you didn't "get the vision".

These people are deeply alienated from their fellow believers.
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