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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Where have I bashed on-campus ministry of other groups?
Suddenly the appeal is to convention. What a turn.

If you can find Bill Bright pushing for "typical Americans", and saying "Don't waste your time" with the poor, the widows, and the orphans, and trace this back to Jesus' teaching and example, you might have a leg to stand on.

You know what Paul Hon did, in Anaheim? He picked out one kid who looked like the spitting image of Orel Hershiser the Dodgers pitcher. Said, "This is what we want". Right in front of a couple hundred college students in a conference. Is this the gospel.

And was Paul Hon going rogue or was he channeling Lee? How did he get up front except by mimicry? Telling everyone, "This is what our brother wants". Dispense with the pseudo-spiritual claptrap and tell it like it is.

People like Paul Hon, Ray Graver and Mel Porter were invaluable to the the LC experience. If you had any uncertainty as to what it was about, they'd clear you up quick.
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