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Default Re: Ron Kangas Message

A little brother has written:
" We hasten the Lord's return not in the sense we want to affect or change the Lord's return schedule. But that
(1) We know He will return in the best timing
(2) We desire earnestly this best timing He determined means He will return sooner than later"

Perfect! This is what I meant to say but lacked both the skill and intellect! Well said, a little brother, well said!

In my own simple way of saying it, I cannot imagine the Lord being persuaded to return before all those He foreknew as being brought into life have been brought into life and all those that were to receive redemption would receive it.

This is why I tend to think it is not a "hastening" in the sense of "cutting short". He is not willing that any should perish.

Again, a little brother, superb response!
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