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I guess we can't count on you to help bring the Lord back then. Bringing the Lord back is the best way to solve the world's problems.

Lee spoke and wrote extensively, from the Scripture, about how to be an overcomer and how to be raptured. None of which can be summed up in a simple statement that the only condition to be an overcomer/raptured is to "attend all the meetings". None of which applied only to LC members, but to all believers. I would challenge you to produce such a statement from Lee, in any of the written materials which are mostly available online to read for free. If you cannot, then I think the right thing to do would be to admit you misrepresented Lee's teachings.

Lee wrote extensively and in great detail, from the Scriptures, about being an overcomer and the rapture on topics such as overcoming the leaving of the first love and how to overcome persecution, worldliness and spiritual death. It is a pity that you overlook all these important truths from Scripture and focus on what he may or may not have said or written about "attending all the meetings".
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