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Because the Force is with me, I am coming back in to reply to the comment that if PRINCESS LEIA said it," it has to be true". (O ye of little faith!)

No, it is NOT because she said it that it is true. It is true because this is what history has shown us to be true over and over. Those who seek tight control usually do so by some kind of fear tactic. People do not like feeling fearful (obviously). So, they ultimately turn on the ones who made them feel that way and that is what the quote is all about, of course.

Another famous quote would be equally applicable here: "Those who are feared by many have many to fear." In the end, fear tactics become a danger to the very ones who employ them. And in the case of church leaders who use them, this is good--because they should be removed from leadership. Why on Earth would ANY church claiming the name of Christ EVER use fear tactics? I remember Gamaliel, I think it was, who said to leave the Christian movement alone. If it was not of God, it would die out. If it was of God, it could not be stopped. (Paraphrasing here.)

The use of fear tactics is not only anti-Christ, but it is also a very clear indicator of a lack of faith--either in what is being done and practiced or in the Lord's ability to protect and guide His own people.

May the Force be with you all!
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